5 Genuine Reason Why Riders Quit bmx in india

Family Interference: The first and the foremost excuse where all of sudden you think to do something which excites you were serving this wish to your guardians comes like a shock to what they never heard off. Once you explain them by videos which will leave them in dilemma and the answer would be like grow up ,focus on your studies and earn a job in a reputed workforce for survival. This is where a rider die which contributes to less number of action athletes

What to do: Gain their confidence and faith in you rather arguing. Ask for a basic (bmx bike) model which they will agree as it is affordable for them to kick start your dream passion as beginner beneficial for future continuity as naw you got your leg inside it and you can explore the world with fellow mates. 

Loneliness: Most emerging athletes quit as the players and the game never exist in the place you live in and the people around you never do it because its stupid and risky. Naw, you are the only lonely feel stupid to or even if you gather all positivity still you are struggling as unable to progress in the sport. 

What to do: okay, please don’t change your thoughts on what other wants you to be you are unique in yourself. If there is no opportunities don’t wait better start work for it, create your own door if there is none. Stand apart and feel proud and confident.

Expensive Sport: Purchasing a new complete professional bmx bike may cost around 40,000 Inr goes up-to lakh or more where most people who looking forward to start with sport drop there idea then and there whereas beginner dies slow death of there dream unable to bear a new bike, parts to be consistent.

What to do: Here, will recommend a beginner bike which will cost around 8,000 inr or so start working your way up, once you feel that you are progressing in sport go for used or new bikes which you can ask from us ridebmxindia@gmail.com we have professional used bmx parts with lot of life in them by customizing you are building a rad bike which is cost effective.

Injuries: Every rider must have experienced a nasty fall many pack up there mind to not to give any further try and few quit trying anything which injures them.The game is for big hearted if you can’t quit right naw its for athletes who break the law of physics adrenaline is the gift else play cricket. 

What to do: Don’t be afraid learn step by step. Injuries may come in your way see them in positive manner, by changing your perception things will lead to stronger mind,body and soul. If your injury is sever take some rest,rehab and come back with double exploding energy to sent it. 

Girlfriends: Having girls means halt on all the activities you willing to do, killing the original you spending to much time with your love instead on your passion. Managing love relationship is quite a vital role of our life, as you are to busy on whatsapp or talking over the phone and some says girls here don’t support biking they prefer cars which attracts them gold diggers.

What to do: Don’t get into it simple as that better ignore that part or if you are into one and she support’s you she will understand your goals and will encourage the part. Do time management so that passion for bike never die in you.

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