5 Genuine Reason Why Riders Quit bmx in india

Family Interference: The first and the foremost excuse where all of sudden you think to do something which excites you were serving this wish to your guardians comes like a shock to what they never heard off. Once you explain them by videos which will leave them in dilemma and the answer would be like grow up […]


Order Your Bmx Parts Here And Will Get This Done At Cheapest!

Well, all action athletes who are into BMX sports face hard times when it comes to buying a brand new BMX bike, replacing a part or upgrading whole bike. Bikes won’t last forever, you need soft-hardgoods to get going and not putting a halt on the fun journey you started. Here is how you can […]


Top 5 Reasons Why Carry Youre Bike When Traveling !!

One that topic every time get us stoked about is travelling whether a small vacation to neighbourhood cities, mountains or heading to a world tour always dreamt of but riding on bicycle is way awesome to get the most out of your trip that you will hardly forget ever. Here are the 5 reason that […]


A Russian Guy Rides Bmx On Rooftop – Not For The Faint Hearted

Oleg Cricket a stuntman from russian riding a “Bmx bike on edge of the tallest building” where one wrong move will cost him his life. Earlier doing rooftop parkour & on a hover board the hunger is still there and now on two wheels. Watching this short upload on youtube almost felt close to dead. […]


Meeting Joris Coulomb In Delhi,India

An once in a lifetime opportunity get to interact an inspiring model whom you been looking since you were sweet sixteen watching bunch of bmx videos of favourite riders the best section try imitating them afterwards well we all do it right. Who ever thought that you would be cruising, riding alongside with professional athlete […]


Sponsor Me Tape 2017 | A Story Of Chasing To Become A Bmx Athlete.

Story falls in like this,it was a month of august 2016 received a package from http://bsdforever.com/ we had a chat with Mr Smith exchanged some email conversation which changed our riding scene get going smoothly because of expensive parts with no local shops.An amazing person he is thank you for being generous,sending us a parcel full […]