How to be good on trails as a beginner?

Trails are one of the most exciting places to shred. Riding there is so feel like a bird where so many doors open to try whatever it is to backflips, frontflips, tuck no hander and the list never ends never does your creativity. 

Learn how to ride
Build a small lip to take off on the flat ground get familiar with the balance despite directly trying the big jumps which are not a good idea to get withhold. Learn from where and how to lift the bike understand the air balance to get that landing go perfectly.
Extend the height
Put some more mud, increase the height, give it a shape high enough about 4 to 5 feet or so and keep your first landing soft like a pit to escape the false landing or if you don’t still you won’t get yourself injured. A soft landing will eradicate the chances of fear falling.
Add style 
Try implementing new moves. Riding trails will give you more time in the air means you can do a lot in the air, so don’t be afraid push yourself as a reward would be way better than crash get stronger, better & faster. Blend the tricks with combos from basic to high-end style.
Frequent session 
Visit your nearest build trails to get a use to them, riding along with your friends would not only help improve your riding control but will also fill self-motivation within you. Do the patchwork maintain them well for smoother run nailing on a bike, after all, it is about having good times together.

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