Meeting Joris Coulomb In Delhi,India

An once in a lifetime opportunity get to interact an inspiring model whom you been looking since you were sweet sixteen watching bunch of bmx videos of favourite riders the best section try imitating them afterwards well we all do it right. Who ever thought that you would be cruising, riding alongside with professional athlete like him,this never happened. 

Joris Coulomb In The Right And His Friend left  

Joris pays a visit to india last month of 2016 for upcoming prototype frame recently got from team Subrosa called “Om” exhibits love compassion and true eternity of a peace enlightens up mind #Soulinindia

Joris As Lord Shiva 

Joris coulomb is french bmx athlete having deep affinity spiritual faith which shows him the way of simultaneously improving focus on and off  bike life this belief leads to mindfulness open up paths for subconscious power within you lesson i’ve learned,through a worth day spent cruising.

  A Shot Near Redfort,New Delhi       
Once in an blue moon it was,spotted joris first at redfort welcome him to be part little ignite of india.Pleasantly said “Namsate” soothing words sounds glittered. Control on bike was itself a revive feeling more specially to see him grooving was like a thrilling wind smashes over again and again. 
Joris Coulomb Bmx Prototype Setup  
Memorable day pedaling exploring spots on the go less interested to what’s happening around attentive what all to learn from joris an professional athlete as a being.The time was running faster than a horse would,eventually moon started shimmering with less conversive but an amazing experience it was.
                  “Om  Frame Promo French Shadow Conspiracy Joris Coulomb”

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