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Bmx Sports Started Early In 1970 In California And Now Known All Around The World. This Sport Of U.S.A , Became Popular In Mid 1980’s And Take The Level To Whole Bunch Of New Discoveries Of  Bmx Bike Motocross And Turns Into An Extreme Sports , Naw There Are So Many Gates Open For the Kids , Adults And All Those Who Want To Ride These Small Bikes,Which Are Called To Be Kid Bicycle. Smashes You Bad Pretty Bad Which Is Highly Risky Sports Not To Imitate.
 Hyped That Riding An Bike Is Real Amusement And So Fun Which One Can Experience Only If Person Take It Beyond The Imagination , Nowadays There Are Lots Of Sponsors Who Support BMX Sports Comprising Red Bull  Monster Energy  Rockstar   OdysseyBMX Shoes Companies Like etnies VansOffTheWall† DC Shoes And Many More. Rider’s Riding And Going Insane With
Tons Of Tricks And Grinds All Around the World.Some Of the Finest Riders Started  Riding Since They Were Kid And Never Had A Thought To Go Proffesional Or Something To Get Sponsored.They Have Fun Riding Entering The Competition Or Bmx Jams.Its All Depend Upon the Riding Style,Variety And How Good As In Person You Are.Thats What Bmx Is All About .Riders Like Aaron Ross Says: http://www.fatbmx.com/bmx/news/article.php?storyid=1357 That I Am Stoked,What I Am  Into Today .Where Riders  Riding Since He Was 12  Named As Taj Mihelich One Of The OdysseyBMX  Pro Living Dream Life And 
Killing The Spots.


We Thought To Start Bmx In India And Started
Shredding Thought To Ride With Riders Here.
Have Fun With The Bikes.It Gained Attention Of 
Mind Dumbstruck , While Spotted Its First Time On 
Television Screen And Make Us Think To Do  
The Same.Bought A Bike Started Doing It With A 
Basic Bike Not An Actual Bmx Bike.
Enjoying On Those Two Wheels.First,
Hands On Experience Was Great .Wandering with 
Random Friends Who Rode Around 
The City.Doing Some Local Bike Shop Shows,
Events & Stuff.Started As Another Fun Caught Up To 
Seriously Though To Go For A Good Professional 
Bike To Get Going,Since Then We Still Doing It. 
With All The Riders Who Ride In The City Here.
The Number Of Bmxers are Less In 
Number,Things Are Growing Now We Have
Two Bmx Shops In Mumbai And Riders Growing 
In Other Parts Of India.Journey That We Propelled 
On With No Idea Where This Eventually Will Take Us.
We are Battling To Go Far,So That We Can Live Our 
Dream And Do What We Love.

Really Want To Put Forth Our Love For Bikes,Born To 

Ride And Ride Till Our Last Breath.We Bunch Of Dude’s 
Full Of Energy And Optimistic To Get Exposure In Extreme 
Sports Industry And Become Expert & Represent India 
In Action Sports. 

  A Shot From Sector 17 Chandigarh,India 

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All We Want Is Support.Hope We Can Live The Dream 
With Your Blessings,we are Nothing But hooligans
Whom People Don’t Appreciate.
Thank You For Reading Keep Coming For More. 

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