Sponsor Me Tape 2017 | A Story Of Chasing To Become A Bmx Athlete.

Story falls in like this,it was a month of august 2016 received a package from http://bsdforever.com/ we had a chat with Mr Smith exchanged some email conversation which changed our riding scene get going smoothly because of expensive parts with no local shops.An amazing person he is thank you for being generous,sending us a parcel full of bmx parts from scotland.Problem solved.

The very next day discussing to make an epic video demonstrating something really different and professional riding with tons of rad section which motivates other in around bmx industry in the globe.Riding bikes in an country less known for bmx is a mess as riding for them is not right here as they onlookers stop by cops,chase & arrest you nevertheless.

Fixing a flat tyre attracts onlookers.

We continued are journey to finish the section in no time but never expected it to took an year reason the tricks that yet to be learned,executed professionally like we already imagined in our brains. Put extra effort to get good hands on our bikes learn some nice moves and put all piece together on the spot (structure where one rides bike) get the clip done,stoked move on to other.

Clips filmed in differents parts of india Chandigarh,Panchkula,Mohali & Delhi.Filming was another big chapter.With no good filmer to film you is feeling of being incomplete as an individual.Gathering all positivity back again walked on of no looking back and complete this project.Some local bmxers,friends and strangers who dont have any camera handling skills help get the video fortunately.
Sorry for shaky footage haha.Putting all clips together was no joke for us,worried about getting heart doing a daunting task never done or tried by an local rider who rides with you in town make it even more scary in you.

 Above short section of riding highlights the struggle to live the bmx dream,where the project took an year finish the tape of so called “Sponsor Me Video 2017” executes an wrestle to become an professional athlete and do big in action sports industry.

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Filmed by : Panshul Pandita,Jeewanjeet Singh Dhillon,Siddharth Bmx,Rohit Garg,Himanshu Sharma. Thank you all.

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